On this episode of Young Catholics Respond, Bill Snyder talks with Susan Tassone about her latest book Day by Day with St. Faustina, and the beauty of God's greatest attribute - His Mercy. 

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Bill Snyder, talks with parents and teens, wrapping up the Raze the Roof Confirmation Retreat empowering them to carry the lessons and experiences into their everyday lives.  

On this episode of Young Catholics Respond, Bill Snyder talks with Dick Schaad about an Incredible miracle he experienced in his life!

“A Life Rewritten,” is Connie Anderson's testimony of her journey to reconciliation with God and profession of the Catholic Faith. Connie is a single mom of six from Island Lake, Illinois. She is a member of the militia of the Immaculata and the Legion of Mary. She has worked as a pregnancy counselor and an accountant manager for Lighthouse Catholic Media . At age 4 Connie saw a vision of what she could later realize was Sister Faustina's image of the Divine Mercy. The image would not make sense for many years. Growing up the daughter of a Lutheran minister and granddaughter of a bishop in a completely Catholic hometown. Connie was beaten up for being a protestant pastor's kid. She attended North Park University in Chicago to be a teacher, but it was her years in school of the Holy Ghost as she calls it with courses in applied studies in the book of Job studies that would lead the prodigal pastor’s daughter home. Running from the faith, she took the pen of her life in her own hands. After spending 18 years in 2  failed marriages which included her own rape and abuse, poverty and finally the incest of her daughter Connie saw the image again.. and heard the voice of a woman she had never known... Mary, the Mother of God.  Connie shares the story of her homecoming and the rewriting of her life by the pen of divine love. Her hope is by sharing it your story will be rewritten too with Divine Mercy.

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